Experienced in providing care to patients of all ages

Family Medicine & Women’s Health.

As your primary care provider, our goals are to help you attain a high-quality, longer life free of preventable disease, disability, injury, and premature death. We will help you choose healthy behaviors that will promote quality of life and healthy development throughout all your life’s stages. We will also coordinate your care with specialists, testing, and hospitalizations to ensure that you get the most appropriate, evidence-based healthcare.

We are experienced and comfortable in providing care to patients of all ages––from infants to geriatric care. Our healthcare providers have all graduated with degrees in family medicine and have extensive experience both in primary care practice (family medicine and women’s health) and in urgent care and emergency medicine.

We will help you and your family members prevent expensive trips to emergency departments.

Pregnancy testing, birth control, routine pap smears, breast exams (including teaching of routine self exams), treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and discussions on healthy sexual practices are routine parts of our care.